The fun part of building robots, especially with the Board Board, is you can put it together the way you want to. Some example pictures of how we had our Beagle Board robot built in the past.

Tracked Beagle screenshot
Tracked Beagle screenshot

Make sure you have the following hardware before you try to assemble into a robot:

General steps to physically set up the Beagle Board platform are:

1st step: Attach the motor wires from the platform to the phidgets board.
2nd step: Attach the phidgets board to the platform.
3rd step: Attach the Beagle board to the platform.
4th step: Attach the Hub to the platform.
5th step: Attach the web-cam to the platform, make sure its pointed in the right direction.
6th step: Attach the battery to the platform, but do not plug it into the beagleboard. (keep the beagleboard un-powered at this point
7th step: Plug in the web-cam to the hub.
8th step: Plug in the phidgets board to the hub with an usb cable.
9th step: Plug a usb cable into the Beagle Board's little usb port, also known as the "on the go" usb port, and connect the other end of the cable to the hub.
Final step: When you are ready to run the Beagle Board robot, plug in the battery to the Beagle Board.