Hardware for Beagleboard-Based Solutions

The main compenents in this design are: (total price ~ $325)

Item Picture Description Cost
Brain : BeagleBoard The Beagleboard is a compact, low cost, low power, fanless, and ARM based development board with Linux support. The board is able to deliver a laptop-like performance, expansiona and mobility.
Platform : DFRobot Mobile Tank Base A tracked platform designed for small robotics projects. Relaible, durable and fairly cheap. runing off 6 AA batteries.
Motor Controller : 1060 - PhidgetMotorControl LV This low current motor controller comes from Phidgets with easy to use libraries. The main drawback of this controller is its high price.
Webcam : logitech C120m Most webcams will do just fine. However, depending on the battery that is powering the system, there might be limitations on how much power a webcam can ask for. ($19)
Battery : Tekkeon Mp1800 Tekcharge Designed to be used as reusable emergency power source to charge and power many popular portable devices. This battery powers the beagleboard and all of the other devices used in the system (platform has its own power supply). The battery includes a voltage regulator so it won’t harm any device in the system. Powers the beagle for about 3 hours on one charge.
Other Devices   The current revision of Beagleboard has only 256MB of NAND memory. And the board has one high speed only USB port with limitations on how much power the board can give through this port. These limitation are solved by the following:
  • SD card. 1GB capacity or more to give the beagle more storage space.
  • Powered USB hub. Connects more devices and they do not have to be high speed USB

More hardware might be needed for development purposes on the Beagleboard, like a special serial cable for setup, HDMI cable/S-Video, keyboard, mouse, and a monitor. However, for the final running robot non of these is neccessary.